A Client’s Style Transformation

In today’s article we are going to look at the style transformation of one of my clients.

Introducing Joe.

Joe is a dating coach and tinder photographer, as such he is keenly aware of how important style is for the modern man.

In his promotional material for his photography, he stresses the 3 biggest factors in your profile pictures:

Physique, fashion, and grooming.

A wonderfully concise summation.

A great thing about Joe is that he wants to set a good example for his clients and therefore seeks out professional help to maximise his success.

For example, with his physique he spent several years putting in the hard fat loss miles, going from a fat guy to a lean machine. But not satisfied with just getting lean he hired elite bodybuilding coach, who has delivered him fantastic results over the past year.

In a similar vein he realised that while his dress sense was ok to get to that elite level, he would be wise to seek the same level of help in that area.

That’s where I came in.

How he dressed originally

The style pics he sent over to me pre-consultation gave me a good idea of his usual style of dress. I have all clients do this for me so I’m able to prep a plan before we get on a call.

I made a collage out of some of his pre-consult pics:

If I had to sum up how he dressed in one word it would be ‘fine’.

But as a mentor of mine beautifully put it: fine can go f**k itself.

Fine is not what we are aiming for. I want my clients to be dress in a way that will turn girls’ heads if you pass them in a bar. So, the vibe was a key thing to start focusing on.

Joe already has a naturally confident vibe, built on both his success with women + his lust for life and its adventures.

If anything, I felt his wardrobe was at odds with his personality.

There were technical issues too with his options. A lot of his shirts were pastel or murky blue/grey colours that I don’t recommend, some of them were patterned too (I suggest you stick to solid, male neutral colours.)

Most of his outerwear was not up to scratch in terms of fit or style. He had a denim jacket that could have been viable had it been a size smaller.

Joe had said to me before that it took him a while to get used to buying for his leaned-out frame – this is common among self-improvement focused men. When you lose weight, you will need to buy more clothes. But you should see this as a positive, you’ve lost weight and you get to upgrade your wardrobe. It’s one of those good problems to have.

His denim jeans were mostly workable but there was one key addition necessary that I will mention later.

As well as some useable denim we were fortunate that Joe is a keen crafter and therefore had plenty of accessories that we could incorporate into his outfits.

The biggest problem though were his shoes. Like the outerwear, he had no shoes that were useable in my opinion. It does little good to sugar coat my thoughts with my clients and I make it very clear that the critical parts of a man’s wardrobe are his shoes and outerwear.

Shoes and outerwear are big decisions in building any complete outfit. We set focus on remedying those parts of the wardrobe as the immediate concern.

Joe didn’t f**k around. He was out shopping both before our call and immediately after.

The changes we made

The priority was to get Joe dressing like the player he is.

He didn’t really wear any black clothing and if you’ve read or watched any of my content you will be aware that I push guys to wear more black items.

Black is a colour that suits any complexion, combines well with all other colours and it’s also the essential f**kboi colour.

No wardrobe is complete without some good black denim, and that was the only jean option that Joe was lacking.

I challenge anyone to suggest a more versatile clothing item than black denim jeans. If you are reading this and don’t own black jeans, then stop reading and go purchase some right now.

We overhauled his essential options (t-shirts & trousers) focusing on slimmer options. If you have a great physique like Joe, then buying slimmer fits is mandatory.

Key word there is fit, there will always be a little trial and error discovering your best fit – the brands are not as uniform as we would like at times.

Personalised ‘Rugged’ Options

The style I teach in my guides can be viewed as somewhat generic. The goal of this is twofold:

First, I am trying to teach a style to a general audience that is difficult to mess up.

Second, I want a guy to be able to pick it up in any part of the world and have that style still serve his dating aspirations. If you live in Helsinki, you could dress the Newbie Guide’s style and still have it work for you as much as a guy living in New York.

But…. with my 1-on-1 clients this goes out the window as I’m able to nail down specifically what the client is after. Often, they will have a specific look they want to achieve or a specific scene they are dating within.

With Joe he was keen to maintain a rugged edge to his style. He lives in Texas.

It’s not particularly difficult to blend a style that’s optimal for dating with touches or outfit staples from other styles.

For rugged you can choose to use earthy colours. For example, I made sure Joe got some green items. One olive t-shirt option and a forest green bomber jacket.

We also went with some quality brown leather boots. These were a little more costly than other items but paying for quality is often worth it. Brown leather boots pair exceptionally well with denim and leather jackets, it was good

To reiterate an important fashion lesson, always buy an item understanding how it will fit into your outfits. Buying clothes in isolation is a big reason most guys don’t look like they have a coherent style.


To finish off I am going to post some pics of Joe taken in his new gear.

As you can see the colour schemes have been simplified, the fit has been dialled in, and solid outerwear is now the focus of his outfits.

If you want to get some 1-on-1 help from me like Joe did, then enquire by emailing thehatfish@outlook.com.

Further testimonials can be found on this page clicking here.

Also check out Joe’s website at PassionUnchained.com. He helps guys build a dating life they love by taking professional Dating Profile photos and coaching guys how to attract and retain girls.

Until next time lads,

The Hatfish

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