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Whatever your goal in style are my consultations packages will see you meet them.

Package 1 | Style Consultation $200

A Zoom call to go over your style goals and how to achieve them

Audit of client’s existing wardrobe

Assessment of your overall presentation and advice on non-fashion areas (i.e., grooming, body composition etc)

All your style questions answered

4 personalised outfit combinations – useable for online dating photos, social media & dates. I will tailor these to your specific needs – whatever those may be

Online shopping links to any pieces recommended during the consult. (I send a document after the session with links and notes from the consult)

Package 2 | Full Image Overhaul/Looksmaxxing + Tinder Coaching $600

3 Zoom calls + access to me in between for advice and accountability.  

Full online dating assessment and advice to improve.

I will pin down your key looksmaxxing areas to work on and come up with a long-term plan to maximise your dating market potential.

Complete wardrobe overhaul – attractive outfits for all occasions.

I will have you dressing to the level of an Instagram model.

This is my most serious offer. Only contact me about this is you are serious about your self-improvement. I can save you years of fucking around trying to sort your appearance.

But you don’t have to just take my word for it.

Many of my former clients have been happy to give the testimonials below:

Video Testimonials for my Coaching:


A previous client James agreed to come on to a call with me and conduct a testimonial interview.


Joe was happy to provide me the testimonial below. He was especially delighted with the compliments he got from the style upgrade we achieved.

East Coast Client

This client wished to remain anonymous but wanted to do an interview with me to discuss his style transformation and how it has affected his dating life.


This is a video testimonial from a client called Fotis Chatzinicolaou who runs a fitness website

Earthbound Mystic

This is a video testimonial from a YouTuber called Earthbound Mystic


This is a video testimonial from dating/lifestyle coach KillYourInnerLoser (Andy) *note he refers to me by my YouTube name Radical here

Written Testimonials for my Coaching:

Hatfish went above and beyond in the coaching session. He answered all of my questions in depth, and even went further and found me links and shops specific to the area I lived in. I immediately wore the clothes he recommended as soon as I bought them and when I left the shop I bought them from I saw two girls staring at me. There was also a chick who kept glancing at me at starbucks. The fit and the stares really boosted my confidence. If you’re on the fence, just get coaching from Hatfish and you won’t regret it.

– Goldfish

I had one of the early coaching sessions with the Hatfish

Not dressing like a dingus makes you feel better, which helps you radiate more positively, which also ends up making you look better.

If you’re on the fence about booking a session, I’d recommend it. He doesn’t go looking at the clock and really just wants to help all of us dress more effectively for whatever our goals are. The time you save and direction you gain from speaking to him 1-on-1, compared to asking questions here and there, is absolutely worth the price tag and I’d happily pay the new one next time I need more direction for my appearance.

– Luke

If you want to get started the email me at

I am happy to discuss which package is right for you based on your goals.

Just shoot me a message and lets get started.