If It’s Visible It Matters

If it’s visible it matters.

This is the answer I give to a range of questions that come up in my 1-on-1 consultations (more info here). The provoking questions often appear as follows: –

Does <insert specific fashion area here> matter?

I understand that as part of my job I must cover multiple questions about style and help put my clients mind at ease on subjects which are bugging them. But often these similarly phrased questions come up. Before I delve into the nitty gritty of the specific area, I give all variations the same answer:

If it’s visible it matters.

Good working examples of said question can include:

  1. Do glasses matter?
  2. Do belts matter?
  3. Do socks matter?

I can work through the examples and show where and when they matter.

Glasses always matter as they are always visible. I often say to clients it is better to wear contacts if you can and if you are keen to wear sunglasses then item selection is a key part of them working. Typically, clubmasters or wayfarers have been the in-trend sunglasses over recent years.

Belts matter if they are visible. I typically recommend sticking to black or brown leather (or faux leather) belts. Also ensure the buckle is minimal so that they do not poke obviously through a t-shirt hanging over them.

Socks again matter if they are visible (its like this is a pattern). I have been pushing no show socks much harder recently. It works very well if you have low cut shoes and tapered jeans. If you are wearing hi tops or boots, then socks don’t matter a lot.

I go into more detail on this subject in the video below, enjoy:


The Hatfish

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