Less Plaid Flannel Shirts

Ah plaid flannel shirts, the uniform of the nice guy who lives down the road.

For my 2nd Edge of Style video, I delve into my reservations with flannel shirts.

This came from a couple of consultations with guys who seemed to use flannel as a mainstay in their outfit choices.

My main issue with this as a basics choice is that it screams ‘Mr Nice Guy’, something you really want to get away from at all costs if you are dressing for dating. Its almost a little lazy as an option. I much prefer crew neck, slim fit t-shirts on their own, or if you are going for the overshirt look layered over a t-shirt pick a neutral solid colour. Leave the tartan to the Scottish.

Plaid flannel is tied to two particular looks as well: rural country types and hipsters. Neither of which I am attempting to push my guys towards. We want to go either smart menswear or street style.

Another key issue is the number of instances I see guys get the sizing wrong. More so with flannel shirts than literally any other piece of clothing. Not sure what is happening here, it supports my theory that flannel is the go-to of the lazy man. A man who does not care enough to really think through his fashion choices. Always dial in your fit and know what you are going for – whether that is oversized or snug.

For a point of interest, I go over an IG breakdown of magic_fox in the video on how he uses plaid flannel. But be aware, even though this guy gets his plaid flannel right (well fitted, layered under jackets, accessorized to the max) understand that I prefer his non plaid outfits to these combinations anyway.

Stick to the solid colours and jackets boys.



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