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I am going to try a new article format. I released a video today on the above topic. Instead of writing a small abstract of the video I have prepared an abridged version of my script. If you prefer to read, you can read my script and if you prefer watching and listening the video is here for you.

Video script:

00:00 – 00:18 – My usual introduction.

00:19 – End:

Today I will talk about selling yourself – and I’m not talking about prostitution – I’m talking about marketing and selling the product that is YOU to the world. I’m specifically thinking of dating, but you can apply this theoretically to social life and maybe professional life too.

Although I don’t give a lot of advice about how to dress for the professional world so for now we’re talking more social and dating.

How do you best sell yourself for success in those areas?

I want everyone to think about how they approach this.

Do you approach it like you are marketing yourself to the people you want to be friends with or to the girls you want to date?

I spoke before in previous videos about how I view Tinder as pure marketing, especially in the super competitive world online dating is these days – and if you want even more competitive world, you should try gaining notoriety or dates via Instagram.

You need to have a mindset shift towards the idea of viewing yourself as a product. I think a lot of people are accustomed to this within the business world, they will pitch themselves as consultants/employees with peak effort, but less so in dating.

You may feel a little bit uncomfortable about doing this, I certainly did. I do not like selling myself and this is even more of a problem recently as I have begun marketing my services and trying to build my business.

It just feels very icky.

I do understand where you’re coming from, I understand if you feel a supreme amount of resistance.

It’s not just like limiting beliefs but general resistance against the idea of putting yourself out there. I want people to fight through this feeling.

I’ve said before you can even get on board with the way things are you can complain about them.

And if you’re going to be someone that is just complaining then this isn’t the site for you….

But if you’re going to be on board with this idea and want to market yourself better from now on, well you are the exact type of man I want to work with.

Once you embrace this mindset shift you are going to have way more success.

Its necessary if you’re going to be able to identify your sticking points, with these noted down you will be able to forge a path forward. That is the main thing, once you know what you want to do and how to do it then you will you’ll find much less resistance from within yourself.

It will most likely be very simple & easy to stick to action plan. it could be to improve your photos, or get better looking, or follow my advice – or other good style advice – and become a well-dressed mother***er.

Your look, your presentation, they do seriously matter.

It’s all part of your marketing

If you want to stand out, if you want to have success with women, if you want to sell yourself, you can’t avoid it. That’s why I’m making all this content, that’s why I have my video course, that’s why I sell my consulting services.

And I have a free guide too. I’m trying to help people who want to fix this part of their lives because they recognise that it’s something they need to fix (or maybe they are being convinced by this article/video).

My last few vids and articles are me trying to get everyone’s mindset to shift away from any idea presentation doesn’t matter – it really does matter. It’s just the way that online dating is now, it’s hyper competitive.

I was never involved in online dating when it wasn’t hyper competitive. I hear older guys talk about this and I hear dating coaches talk about the good old days. The days when you could put a bathroom selfie up as a main picture, if you were reasonably good-looking man. This was enough to get tonnes of attention and tonnes of date… it doesn’t work like that anymore.

The competition is fierce, you need to be on top of it. Get on top of your style, get the photography that goes into your photos on point, get the ideas for your profile photos down. Getting everything on point that you possibly can, that is how you get the best results

It’s like that on YouTube as well I have discovered lately. The people who get the best results on YouTube have the best setups; they have great content, but they also show they take their audience seriously.

They do that by having the best quality production they can achieve.

I’m buying a camera soon; it’s coming in this week and this video will be the last video you see where it has been recorded on an iPhone.

I’ve been struggling with resistance to selling myself again recently…. with my YouTube, my blog, trying to get my services out there. I notice my own resistance the more I force myself into self-promotion. It’s something that I really have struggled with and it’s something that I recognise that I struggled with in my dating journey back in the day as well.

But I got over it with dating, so I have the faith in myself that I’ll get over it with this as well.

Marketing yourself is just something you have to get over, it is just part of the mountain you gotta climb and you’ve going get used to it you’ve going to get over that initial resistance.

I don’t know why that resistance is there, but I know for a lot of people it is it’s something you will get past with taking action. So, try to improve your photos, try to improve your style and start presenting yourself and marketing yourself better.

Stay sharp lads,

The Hatfish

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