My Journey To Good Style

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I used to be completely oblivious to my own bad style.

Throughout school and for most of my college years I had no real sense of how to dress myself, looking back it was truly appalling what I wore, and I clearly had no self-awareness in this area.

Like many a young man I was also unsuccessful in dating, and I looked to the internet for an answer.

I found a self-improvement community that emphasised looks and style as a crucial part of the dating equation. I think we all come to know this via observation, growing up as men in modern society. But with all the noise from charlatans and dishonest actors in the dating sphere, it helps to have the obvious reiterated.

The central figure of this community – GoodLookingLoser – released a style guide every year. These saved me from dressing badly, they gave me the blueprint to looking like a guy that has success with women. Those guides were some of the most useful content for me in the early days.

When the creator backed away from his website to new ventures his audience lost the yearly style guides. From then on, I had no reference point for how to dress that came from a legit player like Chris.

With that blog dead, I would also drift back into complacency in all areas and away from self-improvement.

I embraced being a normal, below average guy. Comfortable, mediocre, and poorly dressed.

In my mid 20s I settled on an acceptable ‘nice guy’ look – as most men do. This was good enough to see me through a period where I would occasionally ‘get lucky’ with women. But still my dating life was neither satisfying nor emotionally rewarding, and I’d wager if you saw how I presented myself you’d have guessed that was the case.

It was in 2019 I finally accepted that I was not getting what I wanted from my sex-life. It seemed to come down to random occasions when I got lucky, I had no control over it, and it was not satisfying to live like that. I went online looking for answers …. and although I found them, I was unable to take the necessary action on my own.

I decided to seek professional help to get what I wanted out of life.

I found a mentor in both dating and self-improvement – Andy/KillYourInnerLoser – and travelled to Melbourne, Australia to meet him in person.

The abiding memory I have of that meet up was his reaction to my looks and presentation.

The way I was dressed shocked him.

I showed up wearing ill-fitting clothes that I had given no thought towards. And worst of all, these clothes had holes in them! Something Andy still brings up to this day. I didn’t take myself seriously and it showed in my presentation. My grooming was also a mess, I had badly thinning hair and I did not take good care of my facial hair.

Like many of you reading this I had potential in the dating market but was shooting myself in the foot by wearing terrible clothes and not taking my looks seriously in any regard.

This so many of you guys! Good looking, in decent shape, socially able, confident enough to talk to girls, but seriously failing on presentation and image. We live in an era of marketing, it’s not enough to have the goods in the modern world, you must package it correctly in order to be noticed.)

So, I had obvious image problems – Andy told me to immediately go and fix them.

I went straight to the outlet store nearby with a rough idea in mind of an outfit. From there I started piecing together a look that could succeed with women. I bought jeans and shirts that fitted tighter, I picked up a pair of shoes I had seen successful guys on nights out wear, I bought a hat to cover my badly thinning hair, and I invested in a quality jacket that would earn me my first compliments from random hot girls.

I didn’t get everything right off the bat and it’s highly unlikely you will either.

You need to take the first few steps, make the errors everyone does, recognise mistakes, fix them, and move forward. This is the inescapable process in any self-improvement endeavour, fixing style is no different.

Overhauling your style isn’t achieved in one shopping session, but I took action and made a good start. Over the next two years, through observation, trial and error, I built up an elite wardrobe that suited my goals.

Now I want to help other guys that were in my situation.

With my help and expertise, it won’t take you two years. Fixing your style to a point you will notice results in dating is not a journey that needs to take longer than a month.

Actions you can take:

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Peace lads,

The Hatfish

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