My Mentor’s Style Journey

What’s good everyone? I’m back updating this blog again after a short break. I have moved temporarily to Mexico City. If you want to know more about how the trip is going, I made a vlog over on my YouTube channel.

This article though is about my mentor Andy (KillYourInnerLoser).

Specifically, about his style journey: from wannabe K-Pop star to absolute badass.

I was fortunate enough to have him on my channel this week and I asked him to talk about how his process of figuring out his style.

Summary of the interview:

On his own website Andy has carefully curated his old vlogs from his earliest days on GoodLookingLoser (the self-improvement forum that we both used a few years back). Thanks to this I have been able to pull some pictures that show how he used to dress at a similar point to all you newbies out there…..

Overall, its not pretty. I give him some leeway in that this was 2015 and I remember some of these styles being pushed by retailers. The horrors some retailers will inflict on our eyes for the sake of profit – it’s truly capitalism at its unfettered worst. Andy’s own assessment is that he dressed like a K-Pop star; lots of scarfs, cardigans, and inadvisable colours.

The other bit of leeway I give him is that most of us were this bad before we were wised up to good style.

What I see from his newbie pics is a guy that was trying to dress better. And he was throwing in accessories from the beginning – a crucial aspect of building the edge that will attract women.

After much trial and error, he eventually nailed the vibe we are looking for.

As he beat his approach anxiety and cracked the code of online dating Andy started to transform.

He built up undeniable edge and a confident vibe, this is evident from his before and after pictures:

Andy was the guy that wised me up. I have mentioned him before in my Style Journey article. He sat across from me when I was an ill groomed newbie, with a hole in my t-shirt, jeans that were several sizes too big and f**ked up shoes.

He gave me the information I needed to fix my presentation and achieve success I never thought possible in dating.

Furthermore, I was able to crack on from there and make Men’s Style my niche within self-improvement.

Sometimes you need advice and guidance from men who have trodden the path before you. If you are looking for that sort of guidance, then hit me up by emailing and we can sort your style out together.

Also go check out Andy’s stuff at (he also has a forum if you are looking for accountability and community).

Thanks for reading,

The Hatfish

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