Retaining Humility While You’re Winning

Humility is a defining factor I’ve seen contribute to the success of many self-improvement legends. Men who have built incredible personal and business lives from ground zero up. The men I respect most.

It’s certainly present in all the newbies I see have success.


It is easy to be humble as a newbie.

Staying humble can prove difficult.

Especially when you start to rack up wins and build further and further upon past success.

Especially when you start to think you know all you need to know.

The worst position to be in is a state where you think you know everything already, but you still haven’t achieved your goals.

Another bad mindset is one where you think you no longer need to try hard to get what you want. I’m not interested in being involved with either complacent people or people that want to fluke their way to success.

Retaining humility allows you to stay hungry and motivated to grow, and more importantly means you will listen to advice when you are given it by someone who has achieved what you want to.

Retaining your humility should be a key goal to ensure you are always moving forward.

So, what actionable advice can we follow to stay humble?

  1. Always be looking to make the next level.
    • A tough but critically important part of this is to acknowledge if you have outgrown peers or mentors.
  2. Switch to a big goal in an area where you are a newbie again.

I delve into this in more depth in the following video:

Hope you enjoyed this.

The Hatfish

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