Stop Pairing The Wrong Shoes & Outerwear

This is among the more common mistakes I see from fashion newbies.

I especially noticed this coming from the guys who post their ‘best outfits’ on self-improvement forums, such as

I salute any man willing to do that by the way, they are looking for feedback and clearly want to improve.

Men grinding through self-improvement goals are my primary audience, so allow me to ride in like a glorious white knight to help.

Here is a video I made detailing how to best to avoid mismatching your shoes and outerwear:

Actionable advice:

  1. Watch the video and understand the concept well.
  2. Review your shoe and outerwear choices and make a note of which you should pair regularly.

If you start consistently pairing your shoes and outerwear well it will be a massive step forward the standard of your outfits.

I try not to give too many rules and I promote versatile wardrobes, to that end owning highly versatile shoe options like Adidas Stan Smiths helps you not make this mistake as they go with a wide range of smart casual to streetwear jackets.

If you want more info on the shoes I recommend, then check out another video I made on that exact subject:

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Peace guys,

The Hatfish

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