Tailor Tape

Everyone needs to get their measurements on record if they are going to buy clothes online. It saves so much time faffing around with returns and trying things on for size. Most online shops will have a full size guide which you can use to nail down which clothes will give you the best fit. And great fit is most of the battle when it comes to achieving good style. If you don’t have the tape in your house. Pick one up here:

Tailor’s Tape (affiliate link)

Slim Fit T-Shirts from Zara

Zara make the best fit for men I have found when it comes to slim fit T-Shirts. If I find better, I will update this list. But for now, grab yourself at least 4 of them. Black, grey, navy and white are the main colours you want to own. 

Slim Fit T-Shirts (not an affiliate link)


I recommend you pick up a pair of either skinny or slim fit jeans, one in black and one in a lighter colour. My preference for the light colour is grey. Here are a couple of options from Jack & Jones

Black Jeans (affiliate link) Grey Jeans (affiliate link)

Shoes – Adidas Stan Smiths

Just a great shoe all around. Make sure you keep them clean and the white leather will stand out in your outfit. As it was designed to be a tennis shoe it is also a comfortable wear as well. There is a bit of colour added onto the heel and you have a few options with this – I recommend you go for the navy. Pick up a pair here:

Stan Smiths (affiliate link)

Invisible socks

Socks have been getting progressively lower cut over the last few years, as I mention in my guide. As such its worth having some to throw in if you like that sort of look. What makes a great outfit is often the small touches after all. Pick some up here:

Invisible Socks (affiliate link)


Jack & Jones make my favourite type of hoodie. Get yourself a pullover style hoodie in black. This provides you with a more casual outerwear option. With the jeans, the Stan Smiths, and the right accessories the humble hoodie can play its part in a killer street style ensemble. Pick one up here:

Champion Hoodie (affiliate link)

Bomber Jacket

This is the mandatory outerwear item I have selected. I consider bomber jackets to be an evergreen piece of outerwear and have some confidence this will remain the case for the next few years. Grab yourself an Alpha Industries bomber. My preference is for the option in black but I also have a lot of time for the one in sage. Pick on up here:

Bomber Jacket (affiliate link)


As I said in the accessory section the only truly mandatory item is a black leather belt. There are plenty of options available out there. One I would recommend is this one from Jack & Jones. It has the minimalist design and traditional buckle look we are going for. Pick one up here:

Belt (affiliate link)


A friend of mine asked for a sunglasses recommendation. When I was in Australia my go-to style were browline glasses. You can grab yourself a pair from the link below:

Browline Sunglasses (affiliate link)