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Instagram is a fantastic place to research men’s style. While much of what I base my style on was learnt in the goodlookingloser forums and from legit players I knew in real life, I did use Instagram as a place to research what modern style looked like.

It’s also, in my experience, the easiest way to keep up with what’s trending. The influencers have the inside track on what retailers will push and what’s hot on social media. You can see from their content not only which items are trending but also get ideas on how best to incorporate them into your outfits.

In this video I recommend 3 men’s style accounts that I consider worth following – especially if you want to dress my sort of style.

It will outline the 3 accounts below as well.

First is @iammiari

He is great for all round style. From formal to streetwear. I show him as a good example to all my clients of what they can easily achieve. What I recommend is more or less his streetwear style + 20% more edge. Edge is crucial.

Second is @lucadebrito

This guy is my go-to for more edgy streetwear. He is almost exclusively that sort of style and I want to keep up with this as much as possible, even though I won’t use all of it in my own style.

Third is @vitorcastro

Vitor is a great example to newbies of what you can achieve with your style. He blends in high fashion with killer streetstyle outfits. Like Miari he has great range but also maintains his edge. I consider his style harder to pull off than the other two but its very aspirational to study his Instagram. If you are a fresh newbie to style stick to the first two

I hope you enjoy the video where I look into their accounts a little more. I you want to find the accounts just copy past the usernames into the Instagram search bar.

Stay sharp guys,

The Hatfish

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