Style Is Important In Dating

The whole direction of this blog has been defined by something in the self-improvement community that was bothering me.

Why do so many guys in self-improvement – specifically those who want to improve their woman life – have terrible style?

Why do they pitch up looking for help wearing a style that looks like their mum picked it out for them? Or even worse that they have dressed themselves blind?

In fact, I have helped a blind man with his style before and he wasn’t even starting at the worst end of what I’ve seen.

I was helping guys out with style long before I ever charged money or even made content on the topic. It’s been clear since the start that a significant percentage of men just don’t know how to approach style.

You need to nail down your fashion lads.

If you fix your style your dating results will improve.

Let me convince you of this with the following:-

Online Dating is Marketing

Especially if you are meeting girls via online, an online dating profile is essentially marketing. If you start considering Tinder that way, you’ll find your use of it considerably more straightforward. You want the optimal presentation of yourself that will attract the most dates.

And the style you wear in your photos is a big part of that presentation. Unless your profile consists entirely of close-up headshots (which it shouldn’t) you will be needing to show off some outfits. Make sure your clothes give off the vibe you want to communicate to potential matches. I will discuss vibe more in a later point

In Person There Is Halo Effect

The halo effect is a phenomenon where a good initial impression of someone biases future conclusions about that person. In practice this has been used to explain why attractive people are more successful and treated better in society.

This research supports the theory that looks and image matter when meeting new dating prospects. But I think we all know this intuitively anyway without science saying so. Your image matters. If you are getting dates via approach (daytime, night-time, socially) then better image will help.

With Style You Can Create A Vibe

This is a little more to do with my aims when consulting. I think I do a good job of explaining in my guides that with your style your aim is to nail a specific vibe that will help you attract more attention from girls. This is why I talk about developing an edge.

Here are some shots from a previous case study. This was a guy who followed my guide and built the sort of style that works best in modern dating.

Put simply, you want your presentation to give off the vibe of a player.

Too Many Of You Are Good Looking And Shooting Yourself In The Face

This is my final point in the video and it’s a cry of frustration more than anything else. I’m fed up of seeing good looking, confident guys who are absolutely tanking their chances with trash style. Dear God you lost men, at least grab my free guide and get to fixing this so I can sleep easier at night.

Hope you enjoyed this article and the vid.


The Hatfish

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