The Newbie Style Guide

Grab my FREE Newbie Style Guide for your introduction to dressing like an elite modern man.

I have been helping men in online self-improvement communities improve their style for years now. In its original form this guide has been downloaded by hundreds of guys looking to up their style game….

It has now been updated for 2022 and beyond. With new item recommendations and outfit suggestions.

Here’s what my readers have had to say about the Newbie Style Guide:

The guide helped me re-do my wardrobe and introduce some style into my life. I used to dress like an “average” guy – no edge, nothing stand out, very normal – with the guide I was able to get well fitted, stylish clothes, and some accessories to boot. He gives step by step instructions and specific recommendations that helped start my style journey and empowered me to dress like someone that matters and knows what they’re doing. Highly recommend for anyone in need of a wardrobe makeover

– George


Before I met Hatfish and got my hands on his style guide for men, I was invisible to women. My style was dorky (baggy, printed shirts all the time, nerd fashion basically), and most girls saw me as the nerd & nice guy.

When I got his style guide & applied it to my wardrobe, suddenly I was getting more matches in Bumble, and girls started to look at me more. I finally looked like the guy who gets girls, in the sea of nerdy men who don’t have luck with women. The girls were now getting a 2 package deal from me: having a more handsome guy that looks more like a bad boy to be with, and also a nerd who can share interesting stuff with them to keep them around.

And this was all just FREE from the Hatfish’s style guide! If the FREE info is so good, men who need instant results with style will get improvements instantly with the Hatfish’s coaching

– SIGMA_1234 (forum name)


I never thought style was that big of a deal. Enough people told me to take it seriously that I got to the point where I thought. “OK Fine I’ll try and improve it”.

I scoured the internet for some style advice. But most of the stuff was about cardigans and written by journalists. I wanted something from a guy who was legit.

The Newbie style guide was the resource that made the most difference.

It broke down exactly what to wear and why. What shirts to buy, what was mandatory and what was optional.

As I started buying the clothes and trying it I noticed it right away. People were looking at me. I’d catch girls sneaking a look at me. It was weird at first. I thought i had something on my face. Then I clued it in… “Its because of how I’m dressed.”

It was a total game changer. The attention you get starts to reshape how you think about yourself. Who knew that dressing cool is actually enough to make you cool.

His advice is top notch. And I’d consider it one of the more important changes I’ve made this year.

It’s the best resource for style on the internet.

Follow it and you’ll notice results almost immediately.

– Brandon


The Hatfish’s Newbie guide is an amazing baseline to build off of for any male looking to achieve maximum sex appeal with almost little to no thinking involved.

Personally I’ve built my style off the guide and have used the ideals and fashion theory to learn how to pair clothes with each other.

I found the Newbie guide and within 3 months I got laid.

I started out looking like a dad, now I dress like a chad.


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