Trends vs Timeless Options

This video was prompted by a comment I received on another YouTube video. The commenter asked about whether it was strictly necessary to follow trends religiously. They expressed concern that clothes quickly going out of style was a barrier to entry for men looking to upgrade their wardrobe, a fear that a massive budget outlay would be pointless on items that won’t be viable for long.

Instead, he asked if it was possible to build a wardrobe entirely of timeless pieces? This is a question I want to delve deeper into in future blog posts for sure.

In my mind there are 3 categories of ‘trending’:

Fleeting Trends

Trends Sticking Around

Timeless Pieces

In reality there is a lot that falls into the middle category of trends that have stuck around for some time. Nothing is truly ‘timeless’ but clothing styles which have remained viable for at least 50 years would surely count in my mind. Suits are a good example, smaller details and styles of suit have waned in and out, but the basic two-piece design has been around for over a century now.

In the video I also mention Adidas Stan Smiths and how certain iconic brands have become timeless. This shoe was a casual staple in Europe in the late 1970s and remains popular to this day.

To stay up with trends I usually take a half hr out of every day to research style, usually on Instagram or browsing online retail catalogues. Its important to me professionally that I know what is ‘in’ whether they be fleeting or longer-term trends. If a client wants to be dressed in a super up-to-date fashion than I need to know what that looks like.

Certainly though if a client wants to focus on timeless pieces I can also help. My advice for timeless clothing is that minimalist options and iconic options are the best bet. Things that fall quickly out of style tend to have more moving parts and flare additions. Equally iconic options – like Chelsea boots as a good example – have survived the test of time and always seem to have a place in any wardrobe.

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