Wear More Black

A recent video I made about the importance of black clothing items in your wardrobe. Too many guys are reticent about wearing black.

Before consultations I usually ask the client to send some photos that give me an idea of their current style and as much of their wardrobe as they can, and it is from this I have noticed a trend recently among said clients.

Most of them do not either enough black in their outfits or own enough black items in the first place.

To me as a follower of men’s style this is shocking to see as black outfits are a staple in menswear and black clothing pieces are some of the most versatile you can own.

In the video above I break down a few IG profiles of men’s style influencers, all of whom use a ton of black clothing. Specifically, I chose to breakdown as many great monochrome black outfits as I could find from the following accounts:






You should have at least one, if not two, monochrome black outfits that you can assemble from your options. These can range from smart to streetwear, though typically I find streetwear outfits to be the best application of a monochrome black colour scheme. The best examples of this I go through in the video covering @magic_fox, @lucadebrito & @arturfit.

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