What Do You Do About Socks?

This is a video I posted recently to my YouTube channel. It is the first in my new series called the ‘Edge of Style’ where I will be going through different areas in menswear. Many of them, such as this one, will be inspired by common themes and questions that arise in my 1-on-1 style consultation.

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The opening subject is socks.

I did not expect it to be a question from my clients. But in fact, this came up with several of them. The typical phrasing I remember is ‘Do socks matter?’.

The short answer is not really, but there are some interesting things happening out there with socks right now.

To start the video, I lay out the socks I own and what I like to do.

I recommend to my clients that they primarily stick to no-show socks and trainer socks. No-show (or invisible socks) have been popular for a few years now. I mostly wear these or trainer socks. Both are short versions of traditional socks and stop somewhere below your ankle. In the video I break down some IG models who demonstrate how this works in outfits.

Additionally, you can just wear traditional socks under trousers. You want to stick to black or white socks, you can wear the white socks with white shoes. Or not, if you are wearing jeans/trousers and not shorts it doesn’t matter a huge amount what colour sock you pick. Just stick to solid black, white, and grey.

In the video I also show how guys have started pulling their socks up when wearing shorts and how to make that work.

And finally, I show what some guys are doing but I advocate against.


The Hatfish


  1. Hey! I just subscribed and checked out your style guide. I’m coming over from killyourinnerloser. I found the guide straight forward and useful, just had a couple quick questions. Is this something you’d recommend to the majority of guys trying to get laid, even if they don’t really resonate with street style? Take me for example, I’m more on the outdoorsy end of the spectrum. Second question, how dependent on trends are these items? If possible, I want to build a timeless wardrobe and avoid staying up on trends in the future. Thanks! Your content on hats is super interesting as well.
    • Cheers dude Glad you got something out of the guide man. Outdoor style I only really know from a British perspective. This guy for example if you check out his winter posts: https://www.instagram.com/charlieirons/. Following trends can help but i try to push guys towards timeless pieces as the basis of their wardrobe. There's sort of three categories: Fleeting trends(last about 1 year), 3-5 year trending stuff and timeless options. You should build wardrobes around the last two. Cheers, TheHatfish

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